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Amr Genina & youngest son Yassin join the crowds to topple Mubarak -Feb2011 Wagih in Gelim - Horreya st Feb 2011

Sidi Gaber train station banners 1 Sidi Gaber train station banners 2

for 2 weeks without security- Egyptians spent the nights on the street defending their homes- here kids having fun with their basic weapons  Feb2011 Surrounding Akexandria Radio & TV station in Baccus 11Feb2011

 Alexandria celebrationg Mubarak's resignation- Sidi Gaber kouniche - Yasmin & Omar 11Feb2011 Alexandria celebrationg Mubarak's resignation- Sidi Gaber kouniche - Yasmin & Omar 11Feb2011

The master mind behind the Egyptian revolution Mr X - un-dated archive photo Raml station march near Kaed Ibrahim mosque 4Feb2011 Sidi Gaber station banners - Feb2011 Surrounding Akexandria Radio & TV station in Baccus 11Feb2011


Ezz  Sawy, Wagih, Faz &  Khalil  @SportsCafe Aug2010 (with Nour Khalil & Habiba El-Sayed) Tarek Gamil showing billiard skills  @SportsCafe Aug2010 Amr Selim & Emad Karar  @ChinoCafe Nov2010

Ezz, Fazary, Khalil, Genina, Gamil & Wagih @SportsCafe Aug2010 Mahmoud El-Sayed, Amr Genina & Alaa Fazary @SportsCafe Aug2010

Dr Walid Hammad @Chinocafe Nov2010 Sherif Badr Basha & Farah Amr Farouk -MaamouraSep2010


Walid Hammad found this Billboard picture all over Paris - Thinks it looks like Wagih?!   Hisham Heshmat family with Wagih Zayan's out of King Farouk's residence in Montaza Jul2010

Nour Alaa Khalil plays squash with Omar Zayan March2010   Tarek Gamil, Amr Selim & Iman Aug2010

Hussein & Haya Hammad with Fatima Summer2009 Marriam & Omar Zayan play the farmers. Feb2010

Seif & Alaa Fazary chessing with Adham sherif Badr (King Marioutt) Aug2009Top Cyclists Mahmoud ElSayed & Amr Farouk @Maamoura Feb2009




Ahbash @ Wagih's Sep2008At Amr Farouk's last Ramadan Iftar 2009

 A volley game with major players like Sherif Badr & Ez El-Sawy (King Marriout Aug2009)   

 Fazary, Mahmoud Sayed & S. Badr - Also A`laa Badr Marriam Zayan in King Marriout (Aug2009)  Amr Selim & Ezz El-Sawy sharing a healthy meeting (King Aug2009)  In Pool shows Sherif Badr, Adham Badr, Alaa Fazary, Seif Fazary, Mahmoud El-Sayed & Habiba El-Sayed (King Aug2009)


Iman, Sherif Badr & Mama Salma (King Aug2009) Yasmin Zayan, A`laa Badr & Mama Salma (King Aug2009)


Ahbash Praying Sep2008      Eating Sep2008        Businessman Sherif Badr leading his enterprise in the pool July2008     The Dinosaurs of Ahbash July2008 Sharm 

  Beauties & The Beast July2008      Aqua Sharm July2008    Toy Store with his latest Toys July2008      The Badr's Body Language July2008

Faroplast's July2008 Sharm     How it feels After eating July2008    

Fazary & Hilde on tight Diet Sporting Aug2007 Alaa Khalil playing The Magician @ his Alex home (Feb2007) Next Generation Habashy Girls posing at the lobby (June2007) Planning the day takes a lot of thinking & smoking  (June2007) Safari Ahbash getting raid for the trail (Jun2007)

     Adham Sherif Badr Summer2007.jpg    

Farah Amr Farouk  (Neemah Bay Jun2007)              World Sports Champion Amr Selim Showing his healthy Swing Dance on Neema Bay 2007 2of2           Farah Amr Farouk Scuba-Diving !! (Neemah Bay Jun2007)

The Faroplasts on Neema Bay Summer 2007       World Sports Champion Amr Selim Showing his healhy muscles on Neema Bay 2007 1of2        Farah Amr Farouk  (Neemah Bay Jun2007)

/Badr & Alaa Khalil - Ramadan 2007      Hana Amr Selim centered among happy smiles (June 2007)    Ezz, Farouk & Selim on Ramadan 2007

The Farouks during Sharm Safary July2007.jpg                            (Beauty Haja) Salmah Farouk July2007 @ Maamoura.jpg                         

Hana Selim showing the feast of furry July 2007.jpg              Sherif Badr Basha having a nap on Neema Bay 2007.jpg                  Ahbash Youth up Sandy Hill, Sinai July 2007.jpg


Ahbash saying Farewell to Hilton Sharm Lobby July 2007.jpg   Prof Hammad flexing his muscles to Junior Omar July 2007.jpg   Emad during Wet Money collection


   Mahmoud El-Sayed & Amr Genina with Kids (Sporting  Aug2007)                King Habashy at throne (Genina's Salon) Ramadan 2007            (Busy Breakfast) Amr Farouk & Amr Selim in Hilton Sharm June2007.jpg

     Alaa Fishing from Bangkok Fish Market Malka Fazary feeding monkeys in Thailand Fazary & Hilde @ Siwa Oasis in the 80's  Hilde & Fazary & Zeiny & Others @ Siwa Oasis in the 80's

Fazary & Wagih @ Maamoura Jan2007  Princess Haya Walid Hammad and her humble admirer Omar Zayan @ Agamy  July2006 Salma& Farah Farouk with Marriam & Yasmin Zayan @ Maamoura Oct2006  Ahbash @ Wagih Just before Ramadan 22sep2006


Amr Selim's World's super swimmers  at Disney Beach (Bagoosh) July2006   Power Rangers: Amr Selim, Walid Hammad & Amr Farouk  at Disney Beach (Bagoosh) July2006   Habashy Trip to Disney Beach (Bagoosh) July2006  Hana Amr Selim after having a dive at Disney Beach (Bagoosh) July2006  Hana Amr Selim enjoing a ride  July 2006


      Alaa Khalil @ NY City Office Apr2006.jpg    fazary & Wagih Showing off Big Belly after a cold swim  @ Maamoura Jan2006.jpg   Omar Zayan closing a live show April 2006

(Noor Alaa Khalil) With The Smartest Aruba Eyes - Jan2006.jpg    Alaa Khalil's family in Alex Jan2006.jpg  The Fazary's @ Maamoura Jan2006.jpg    Ahbash @ Lagoon Club Jan2006.jpg

        Hana Amr Selim..     Marriam & Hana Selim with scarry Doctor..   Seif Fazary@Alex Aug2005 

Ahbash Sharm2005     Wagih Wind/Sand Surfing at Mina resort   Gamil - Hooda - Wagih - Khalil Aug2005     Gamil - Hooda - Wagih Aug2005   Habashy Reunion sep2005... Do you rememeber everyone?

Beauilful rocky shore next to steep reefs @Sharm.jpgThe pleasant sight of Neema Bay & rocky moutains behind.jpgSolico tarining Badr to do something @Sharm05.jpg     The Genina's in GlassBoat sharm watching coral reafs June05.jpgSherif Badr's gang in pool June05.jpgThe Farolplasts@ Negmet Sina seafood Restarunt@ Sharm05.jpg

Habashy ladies @ maamoura May05Habashy Daily Trail to sea beach in sharm june05.jpgAmr Selim sleeping like a baby in Sharm June2005.jpg     Marriam Selim with googles @Neema Bay Jun05.jpgWagih @ Al-Obayed crystal waters in Marsa Matrouh.jpgHi from Eman & Amr @ Hilton Sharm  2005

The Faroplasts jan2005.JPG     Then the Zayan's in Thailand in front of the big Buddha Temple - Yusuf & Yehia Genina with Omar Zayan @ Pizza Hut

Ahbash feeling cold Jan2005Ahbash_back_from_Sharm_July2004Ahbash Drunk after heavy free Breakfast@ Hilton Sharm 2004

Giha ghost skating before hiting the glass wall.... Just kiddingAlaa Kalil & Toson on NY Roads Feb2004


alaa_khalil_fish_june15th_2004Toson & The rented fish $1/Photo 06-05-2004toson_big_fish2

Bardissy's Other Look... Edited..Feb2004


The Elequent Eng. Ashraf Toson shows his nice clothing..Jun03From the past: Hazem Saleh, Amr Selim, Khaled Azam, Hooda& Toson (Early 80's)From the past: Amr Selim, Azam, Toson, ???, Abu Omar, HoodaFrom the past: Selim, El Hanny, Yaser Shiko, Abu Omar, Hazem SalehToson & Kids July03

Farouk-Khalil-Selim-Ezz@Sporting Club July03Fazary_Hilde_&_Malka_July03Ahbash @ Hilton Sharm Dreams June03

Ahbash Meeting Feb 2003Farouk, Bardissy, Fazary& Amr Selim at Stanely Bridge (Feb2003)Selim & Farouk @ Hajj Feb2003 cropped... Comments Please!

Sherif Badr (Not a Dangered Species) June03Sherif Badr almost exploding after a heavy meal 27Feb03SAIF M Elsayed FEB2003Wagih, Dawood, Khalil& Bardissy on the road to Niagra 1985

Ahbash @Univ of Alex 1986 (also Amr Heiba, AmrBagoury& Amr Abo Mandour)Fazary barbing Wagih, NY, Summer 1985 Hisham Heshmat& Bardissy on the road to Niagra 1985Tarek Dawood & Fazary@ Niagra Falls 1985Toson Photographed with faked LE50.. He actually paild LE 20 !! On Dec4th 2002


Ahbash@Wagih's on Feb15th (Guest M El Zeiny is there !)Amr Selim, Wagih& fazary @ Cairo Cafe' Feb 2002 (Sherif badr PAID the bill !).Amr Selim's happy family@ Amr farouk's Feb14thAhbash@Cairo Army Hotel Feb 1st

Ahbash @ Amr Farouk  Feb7th 2002Bardissy proud to see the Cairo Tower Feb13th 2002Selim & Wagih @ Cairo Cafe' Feb13th 2002Bardas in Cairo Feb13th 2002Alaa Khalil & Yara Dec 2001

Zyad Khaled Chafchak (Born 9Dec 2001)Habiba Mahmoud El-Sayed Oct. 2001Hania Mahmoud El-Sayed Oct. 2001Princess Summer Ashraf Toson   2002

Ahbash at Solico'Agami Villa 18Dec. 2001 (2)Noor & Yara Alaa Khalil Dec 2001Tarek Gamil Family Eid Picture Dec2001Noor Alaa Khalil Jan2002

Fazary & SeifMalka Fazary Prince (Shariff) Toson - NY2002Eating @ Sherif BAdr's 6 October HouseThe Fazary's in Lebanon (I guess)

Habashy Men only March2001Tarek Gamil looking like a Real  Engineer in Kuwait 2001.jpgNancy & Adlee Heshmat March 2001.jpgTarek Gamil & Family- Kuwait 2001.jpg

 Ahbash KidsFazary 1983 Lots of Ahbash !Ahbash in Aswan 1981

Giha In Sharm  1986 Ahbash @ Genina's wedding 1998Summer & Shams El Bardissy   2001 Summer El bardissyAhbash at Wagih's wedding 1991

Wagih & Wiwi  in Libya  (Believe it or Not)Ahbash on the Beach (Doing the wrong thing)Hisham & Nancy in AlexBardissy, Fazary, Heshmat& Khalil. On the way to Niagra Falls 1985

Ahbash @ Mamoura 1994Alex 1996Sidi Krir 1994Shams El-Bardissy


Summer El-Bardissy   2001Aliens on EARTH   (Genina, Heshmat & Khalil ) 1985Seif Wanely  ( I Mean Fazary)Marriam, Yasmin, Omar& Wagih Zayan in Saint Catherine Sep. 2001

Giha in Shark Bay (Sharm) Apr2002Hilde Fazary in Hizbullah costumeAhbash meeting @ Amr Genina Apr2002Bardissy the artist @ 4Seasons Cairo March 2002

Rich Giha after making his first $Billion..trying his stylish  new suit. (Actually his wedding suit)Princesses   Engie & Summer  Ashraf Toson    2002Abo Omar, M Sayed, Bardissy, Fazary, Chafchak, Abo Manour, Wagih, Bagoury& Heyba 1986 Alex UnivAhbash @Maamoura Ihab Power,Hooda, Dawood, Fazary, Bardissy, Badr, Wagih, Ezz, Karim Zayan & Abo Omar 1984

Sherif Badr almost exploding after a heavy meal 27Feb03Ahbash@ PizaaHut 1995Alaa Khalil& Wagih (with no beard)- Aswan 1981Fazary & Wagih going crazy in the Manhatten Room 1985M Elsayed, Wagih, Khalil, Alaa Mickey, Toson & Osama Basiouny 1994 @ Bardissy Alex..

Farewell to nice old 127..after 18 years of serviceFarouk, Bardissy, Fazary& Wagih at Stanely Bridge (Feb2003)Shams El-Bardissy 2003


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