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Welcome to the Ahbash home page on the net..The name : "Habashy" started by a joke by someone to describe the attitude one follows during a trip ...or maybe during his whole lifetime.

Note:    " Ahbash Talk" screen is working again  (leave us your comments there !)

Ahbash in  2013  photos.>>>..





Latest Habashy member in 2012= Sabrina Bardissy..  

Sabrina Bardissy first hug from daddy  Feb2012 Summer & Shams holding Sabrina Bardissy Faeb2012

Have some Egyptian fun:



Other kinds of fun :                

Alaa Khalil at Abu Dhabi site Dec2011  Bardissy & Wagih - Hands in pockets  - Sporting Nov2011

Bardissy, Sherif Badr & Amr Selim @ Sporting Club Nov2011Bardissy & Badr @ Sporting Club Nov2011 

Bardissy & Badr @ Sporting Club Nov2011   Farouk Adham Sherif Badr @ Sporting Club Nov2011

Ahbash gathering in DownTown Alex Oct2011 Ahbash gathering in DownTown Alex Oct2011

Alilo & Fezo showing they can still squash at the age of ??  -Sep2011

Alilo & Fezo after squash  -Sep2011  Bardissy & Wagih (take your hand off my shoulder - Sporting Nov2011

The Hammad's @ Rehab June2011 Ahbash gathering@ Rehab Aug2011

The Zayan's happy to pose next to a tank @ Rehab May2011  


Pictures from the past :

1985 NY beach: Alaa Khalil- Amr Genina- Wagih  1981 Sharm: Genina- Wagih & Bardissy

  Ahbash on Mnt. Saint Catherine 1985

  from 1985 Class: Tarek Abd El-Menem - Bardissy- Amr Genina-T Gamil- Chfchak- Amr Bagory - Wagih & Others  From1985 Class: Tarek Abd El-Menem - Bardissy- T Gamil- Chfchak- Amr Heiba - Wagih- Ehab Malah- Amr Abu Mandour- Amr Genina & Others

Ginina & Wagih @ Greyhound terminal from NY to Maryland- Summer 1985 

Read a 7  Years old Habashy Report - Did things change since 2005 ???

This is 2005 news:

"Salam Alikom Ahbash:

long time No report !

Well the world is changing fast and one can hardly find time to follow up the news of world changes...  Unfortunatly mostly in the negative directions !

So we end up just taking care of ourselves, our families, our day to day needs.... And days roll on by.

Here is what we have from the scarce information about Ahbash these days:

 1- Alaa Fazary: Still in Bangkok, Thailand. I enjoyed being his guest for 3 days. A recommended trip for every Habashy. Just make sure to arrange with him to be your tour-guide. He is good at tours & shopping and excellent when it comes to food.

2- Bardissy : Hasn't been to Egypt for quite some time now (as most Ahbash abroad). Hope he makes it this summer. Hope he enjoys his new Land Rover SUV with his kids. Ahbash considering visiting the US should be sure to stay at his nice home and enjoy riding his new car.

3- Alaa Khalil:  Very few info since he took his new job at the NY City. We expect to know his news from his Boss: The tall and mighty (he also reads & writes in Arabic & English) Mr. Toson!!.

4- Amr Selim: No longer Solico. He is enjoying his Toy Store experience. Selling toys is much more fun than selling computers and Sat systems. He keeps singing: I'm a Barbie guy, I'm a Barbie guy, and I'm making lots of money from what you buy .....etc  ( he latley told me his wildest dreams is to buy a Zodiac with anice engine and go sailing deep in the sea)

5- Amr Genina: Now with a nice grey beard. Well currently in Hurgada for an early vacation. Strange enough, he says he is feeling cold there..! Maybe he is getting old too.

6- Amr Farouk: ?

7- Ezz EL Sawy: Now they call him Dr. Ezz . As he knows about medical supplies what many doctors don't. 

8- Mahmoud El Sayed: Still in Jeddah. Expected soon in Alex. Hope he can make the Sharm trip with us this year In-Shaa Allah.

9- Adel Saeed: Couldn't see him in Dubai as I hoped. As he stays in Abu Dhabi. Generous and

10- Sherif Badr: 100% Cairo guy now. As his kids are in Cairo schools this year.  Manager now for real estate and investments company. We thank him for his annual arrangment for Sharm Hilton reservation.

11 - Tarek Gamil: The Kuwait link guy.

12 - Hisham Heshmat: ?

13- Khaled Chafchak: Still undercover. Sure well benifiting from the $ USD 50/ Barrel oil prices.

14- Ashraf Toson

15- Hasan Hanafy  ?


Funny!! ... feels like an Egyptian talking to those anti-revolution (pro Mubarak) guys....  

U will watch it more than once..     Ladies & Gentlemen... The Egyptians will survive....

To view, right click inside the frame & select    (PLAY)  ...                          - unselect (PLAY) to stop playing.     



أفلام المرحلة القادمة:
* إخوان ولا بيزنس .
* إزاي تخلي الأخوات تحبك.
* الباحثات عن الحرية والعدالة.

* الفنان طلعت زكريا يعتذر عن فيلم طباخ الريس و يبدأ في الاستعداد لفيلم سواق المرشد.
* إيناس الدغيدى بعد ارتدائها النقاب تبدأ تصوير فيلم مذكرات مؤمنة.

ماذا بعد فوز الإسلاميين بالبرلمان؟

* هيغطوا كل أسلاك الكهربا العريانة.
* خالد يوسف هيتجلد 60 جلدة على كل فيلم عمله.
* شباب 6 إبريل تغير اسمها إلى فتية السادس من ربيع الآخر.

الأخبار في المستقبل:

* افتتحت اليوم ثلاثة من زوجات السيد الرئيس حفظهن الله فعاليات مهرجان الإنشاد للجميع.
* اتحاد الكرة يعلن أنه تخلى عن العقد مع أديداس وسيكون الراعي الرسمي محلات التوحيد والنور.


 "Have fun with   Arab Ex-kings":

   King of Idiots    

Funny People : Cardboard Khomeini - remembering his arrival to Iran 33 years ago...!

بالصور .. جنون الايرانيين بحب الخميني


here is the link: 



Check who you are on Google:

Try this: click

or start  , click on "Images"   and in the search box type "Sherif Badr"

Now see how this well respected 40 years old manager looks in the eyes of the world !!?

Then try searching for your own name...      have fun...

(Note: Roll your mouse over the pictures to read the comments..)

Here are some new photos:   (I wonder why Ahbash are so habashy  when it comes to sending their recent photos. Maybe they are SHY...)

Well take this as a social activity making us closer to each other (Don't get so close)


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Habashy Summer Discount  20% at Toy Store!

@ Al Saraya Tram Station

And also buy Faroplast toys wherevr U C them!



  • Its some of the worst days for all Muslims and their causes... I wonder if those who did these attacks were able to see any benefit for anybody ??!!     ( Except Israel)
  • Hope we use Habashy Talk more to communicate...     Its working now !

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